Be an entrepreneur with ITC

There is a huge potential for traditional and hygienically prepared tea. The local population demand the experience of a good quality tea that suits their taste, price and easy to grab on the go, all of which is offered at ITC.
Out mean is prepared to preserve the traditional taste and to cater to the ubiquitous demand for TEA. Our franchise is the most affordable and is open to people of all classes, meaning you don’t need to understand tea to be a franchisee.

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Owning an ITC Franchise

Be a part of something big in the Indian Tea Market


As much as we love to provide the best tea at affordable price , we would love to make our premium franchises available at affordable price which is INR 4.75+GST


Our franchises are set up with an area starting from 100 sqft to customized area based on the location. Our outlets are established at places where the footfall of customers is quite high. We do our research.


High growth is expected with ROI in six months because of the quality products, location and ambience and affordable pricing


We want our customers to leave with satisfaction when it comes to ambience and that can only happen when we are on point with interiors .Interiors have kitchen partition , flooring and water connection and hygiene standards.


We expect a good reach from day 1 , hence, we never compromise on the service that we offer. Every outlet should comprise 2 employees to operate the kitchen and store. The staff will also be trained properly.


Have a happy franchising with ITC which entitles you to Royalty-Free Operation

We help set up a successful outlet

Our Support goes beyond helping you set up the Outlet


Name board, Lollipop board, menu & photo frames


Includes everything from display unit to stove to keep your kitchen up & running


That includes material to generate your initial revenue.

Why choose us?

Tea brand with only Benefits

Earn the ownership and be a master of it! You own benefits once you choose to be an ITCian. ITC franchises are very affordable with best ROIs producing the premium quality tea blends and every other item on the menu list at surprisingly minimal costs, which in return attracts many customers. ITC outlets are at places which attract the crowd from day one!

It's all about the taste and emotion!

Tea is an emotion, not a product and taste is all about the ingredients. Hence,we make sure our tea leaves are handpicked by our experts. They are nurtured with extreme finesse and curated by tea connoisseurs for finest taste. To preserve the tea blends’ purity and ethereal aroma and taste, we make sure that there are no added artificial flavors and our spices and addons are purely natural and fresh, including sulphur free sugar and fresh farm milk. We believe you will ask for more!

Growth is all you will see

We are the masters of Tea and we are assured that our Unique Tea Club spreads across India catering qualiTEA to all the Tea lovers starting with our beloved Master franchise at xxxxxxx to our next unit franchisie at xxxx and spreading our wings more.

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