Our Menu

We have a wide range of carefully curated menu with artistic Tea blends and coolers. Have a hot cuppa chai and you are a member of our Indian Tea Club by heart! We have a wide range of exclusive menu items. From your routine perfect tea to exploring new tea blends, from getting energized to calming down, from quenching the thirst to craving for more..we have it all in our menu!

Chai Specials

Cutting Chai

Ginger Tea

Green Tea

Shahi Masala Chai

Hot lemon Tea

Hot Badam Milk

Matka Chai

Ginger lemon Chai


Sulaimani Chai

Elachi Chai

Mint Green Tea

Adaraki Elachi Chai

Marwadi Chai

Milkshakes Rs: 59


Blue Moon

Banana Wala

Caramel carnival

Chocolate Galaxy

Day To dates

KitKat Killer

Oreo Master

Green Melon Lady

Coolers Rs: 49

Green apple Mojito

True Blue Mojito

Ginger Lime

Punch Ice Tea

Mass of Orange Twist

Rose Milk

Cool Cool Badam

The Way We Make

It ranges from Traditional Kulhad tea to healthholic green tea, from mango milkshake to oreo master milkshake, from green apple mojito to enchanting fizzy cool Green Milan Lady! Go on, Explore the variety and do let us know in the reviews about your experience! We would Love to hear from you!