About Us

ITC – ‘Indian Tea Club’ is an Indian Tea Brand that aims to share the experience of tea culture through our tea blends, prepared to offer traditional, authentic Indian tea at affordable prices.

We trooped to the hidden mountains for Tea!

We are a troop of crazy tea lovers, who have been to places all over India in pursuit of tea. With the zeal of getting all tea blends and tea lovers under one roof, we came up with ITC- INDIAN TEA CLUB. Every blend now being served to you is enriched with fineness after experimenting with all the existing and discovered flavours of tea leaves and ingredients in calculated proportions.

We assure you that ITC can never go wrong with tea.

We look into every minute detail and make sure that your tea is consuming every ingredient in the right proportions and is just perfect with taste, aroma, color, and the effect it leaves you with.

We aim to serve the richest taste of golden beverage, through refreshing tea blends.

The refreshing blend is a combination of authentic flavours from some of the best tea growing regions.The ingredients we use are chosen from the origin which are specially cultivated with extra love by our farmer army.


Be an entrepreneur with ITC

ITC franchise is the most affordable and easy to set up with a quick return on your investment. Our team provides support in all aspects of beginning your new venture with ITC, so your journey into business can be hassle-free and rewarding. The quality of tea, unique taste, economically priced menu, high profits and an established brand is what sets us apart.

We believe in empowering people by providing an opportunity to partner with us. Explore how you can be associated with ITC.

Our Finesse

Service quality

From Informal meetups to casual walk ins, from friendly gatherings to long day breaks, from mid morning snack time to golden hour tea time… ITC welcomes you with utmost liveliness

We do the math!

We are tea math experts. We indulge in formulas and theories while curating each blend and adding all the natural ingredients in calculated proportions. The first step towards the blissful essence of taste is laid in here!

Credits to the best ingredients

True to taste with authentically grown pure and fresh ingredients. The tea leaves and spices are directly sourced from farmers. The farms yield with the best quality products because of the organic manure we use to cultivate our ingredients and leaves

What makes us ITC?

What process our tea undergoes before it reaches us!

ITC is for tea lovers and to satisfy those looked down cravings for tea. We serve the best blends of tea at a highly affordable price and aim to make your tea available with approachable ease. We never settled for less! Having said that, we traveled to some of the best tea cultivations across India in search of the purest of tea leaves and curated magical blends using these special leaves which makes our teas a must-try! We also specially take care of the diet; nutrient intake of our tea plants. The manure we feed our plant babies is all organic and natural. The ingredients we use in our products are collected and cultivated specially for ITC. They are organic, authentic and pure with the highest of quality. We also help thousands of farmers and small scale industries across India by sourcing ingredients directly from their farms.